Deserted Maxi Dress!

Available in Purple, black and this tangerine colour featured on the model $89.95 buy online free delivery Australia Wide
March 17, 2011 by Sebachi fashion (
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Jose said:

they are the only official UGG westibe doesnt mean its true. again do you really think an AUSTRALIAN ICON like the UGG boot would ever be made in China.Go to and and read UGG WARS and HISTORY OF THE UGG BOOT and really educate yourself about what is really going on here.Its ashame how one American company is trying to corner the UGG boot market,make UGG boots in China and never allow the boots to go on sale creating a supply/demand hype .corporate greed .I say. Check out the UGG boots Sienna Miller wears ( I have the same style) the UGG Nomad Roxy in black in tall and the UGG Pammy in chestnut in short (all my friends either have or are getting the UGG Pammy in short). Once you own a pair of AUTHENTIC AUSTRALIAN handcrafted UGG boots you will never ever want to wear any UGG boot made in China.

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