Motel UK Fashion Label - New Arrivals at Sebachi

Batten down the hatches, there are whispers of an uprising in the air... bin the beige and shred the shapeless, a fashion revolution is mounting.
The wild child of British style is fed up with the dreary and the lacklustre; it’s time to emancipate your silhouette from a world of mediocrity with cult brand Motel’s eclectic mix of punk, left-field, retro and fun-filled ‘killer-style’ clothing.
Driven by uniqueness and diversity, the brand’s ‘eureka moment’ lay in the Stateside thrift store culture; of vintage-inspired prints and well crafted pieces that celebrate, not alienate, the feminine silhouette. Cookie cutter trends had made fashion feel a little jaded, so Motel took steps to amend that never-ending story. In its place they have created a legendary account, and continue to do so every season, of a girl and the dress that makes her feel invincible.
Motel’s enduring versatility means that each garment is instantly fascinating and instantly infatuating. The brand sings to its own tune and gives only subtle nods to overriding fashion trends, instead reinventing them to match their own quality driven, idiosyncratic philosophy. While the brand is perhaps most famous for its figure-fixing, quirky dresses, there is a whole host of garments available. Tees, tops, knitwear, leggings and denim are all given the Motel treatment, with vintage inspired prints and cuts running throughout the range.
Motel is currently causing a commotion all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and most recently the US, rapidly establishing itself as the go-to brand for fashionistas, musicians and celebrities alike. Their speciality is the conspicuous, quirky dress, so naturally their audience is the conspicuous, quirky girl; Lily Allen, Duffy, Little Boots, Peaches Geldof,,The Ting Tings, Alesha Dixon, The Saturdays, Marina and the Diamonds and Alexandra Burke have all been snapped wearing Motel’s iconic pieces, recognisable for their super flattering, supremely modish feel.

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